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The average mouth can hold 28 teeth comfortably, so when the final four — your wisdom teeth — begin to come in, problems can erupt. At Grace Dental Group, under the direction of Woo Young Lee, DDS, the team offers oral surgery, including wisdom tooth extraction, at their San Francisco, California, practice. For experienced and expert oral surgery, call the Fillmore District office to set up an appointment or use the online scheduling tool.

Oral Surgery Q & A

Why are wisdom teeth often problematic?

When you lose your 20 primary, or baby teeth, your 32 secondary teeth come in and take up their positions. At first, 28 teeth come in and it’s not until you’re in your late teens or early 20s that your wisdom teeth, or third molars, make their entrance (this late arrival is why they’re called “wisdom” teeth).

In many cases, there’s little room for these teeth to erupt properly, which can cause an impaction as your teeth may not come in fully or they erupt at odd angles.

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to a host of problems, including:

  • Pain
  • Disruption of your existing teeth
  • Food that gets trapped by your wisdom teeth
  • Bone damage
  • Tooth decay and gum disease
  • Cysts
  • Orthodontic complications

Luckily, the solution is fairly simple as the dentists at Grace Dental Group can easily and expertly remove your wisdom teeth.

What happens during wisdom teeth removal?

When you visit Grace Dental Group for wisdom tooth extraction, the team first ensures your comfort by administering a local anesthetic or sedation, which keeps you comfortable throughout the procedure. The practice is equipped with the latest oral surgery equipment and technology, which the dentists use to precisely remove your teeth.

Once you’re comfortable, your dentist quickly removes your tooth (or teeth), ensuring that they clear away the entire structure (including the roots).

Once they remove your teeth, you’re free to return home with complete aftercare instructions.

What is recovery like after my wisdom teeth are removed?

After your dentist removes your teeth, you should plan on taking it easy for a few days to allow time for your body to heal. You should take any prescription medications the dentists provide as recommended and you can also take over-the-counter medications to counteract any discomfort.

Cold compresses also go a long way during early recovery to deal with pain and swelling.

You should limit yourself to soft foods and liquids for the first couple of days and ensure that the extraction area is free from any harmful bacteria through rinsing.

The team at Grace Dental Group is on hand for any questions you may have during this time and you should contact them if you experience any pain or swelling that persists after a week.

For expert oral surgery services, call Grace Dental Group or use the online scheduler.