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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Grace Dental Group

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A wisdom tooth extraction is often necessary to prevent overcrowding and seriously crooked teeth. If your wisdom teeth are growing in or if they’ve been causing problems for a while, Woo Young Lee, DDS, provides expert care at Grace Dental Group in San Francisco, California. Click on the online scheduler to book your wisdom tooth extraction at this Fillmore District dental practice today. You can also call to schedule by phone.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Q & A

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Usually, yes. By the age of 18, the average adult has 32 teeth and each tooth has a specific name and function. But the average size mouth only has room for 28 teeth. When those extra four teeth grow in during your teens — your wisdom teeth or third molars — there’s rarely any room for them.

Because your mouth can become seriously crowded, your wisdom teeth may:

  • Become impacted
  • Grow in crooked
  • Cause pain and swelling
  • Push other teeth out of proper alignment

If your wisdom teeth don’t grow in correctly, food can get trapped. This creates ideal grounds for bacteria to thrive, which can cause cavities and decay. For these reasons, extracting your wisdom teeth at an early age is usually recommended. 

What can I expect during a wisdom tooth extraction?

Grace Dental Group provides gentle wisdom tooth extraction in a comfortable environment. In most cases, local anesthesia is the only solution you need to minimize discomfort, although laughing gas (nitrous oxide) and general anesthesia are also available.

During your wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist:

  • Makes an incision near your tooth to expose gum and bone tissue
  • Removes any bone blocking your tooth
  • Extracts your tooth — dividing the tooth into smaller pieces may be necessary
  • Cleans the socket and places sutures

After your wisdom tooth extraction, you need to bite down on gauze for a short period to control bleeding. While you can return home the same day, it’s important to rest and give yourself time to recover. 

How long does it take to recover from a wisdom tooth extraction?

For the first several days after your wisdom tooth extraction at Grace Dental Group, you’re going to experience swelling and soreness. Keeping your head propped up while you sleep and applying ice packs to your face regularly can help with these issues. 

You should be able to return to most of your activities after 3-4 days, although you might need to avoid exercise and strenuous activities until your dentist removes your sutures after a couple of weeks (or until they dissolve). It may take several months for your gums to completely heal. 

You can book your wisdom tooth extraction at Grace Dental Group directly through the website or you can call to speak with a team member to book your evaluation.